Business Processes and Decision Management

When it comes to harmonising procedures with culture and goals of an organisation, it is absolutely necessary to know the underlying processes and to be ready to review, change and adapt them anytime. Business processes are the foundation of any modern management system, and they must be well-integrated into the organisational context.

Many people think that a process is just a simple sequence of tasks documented in a nicely drawn chart. But this is only one part of a process model.It also needs subject-specific aspects such as responsibilities, terminology, definitions, background information and business rules. We assist you with comprehensive process documentation and evaluation beyond "process paintings" and help you create tailored and easy-to-read models. 

However, a nice model is not enough to manage a real-life process. Usually, there is a gap between the processes documented and the processes executed in practice. These often depend on individuals and lack structure and quality. But who knows what is really done beyond the model? We believe that process evolution starts with a clear view on the point of departure. This is why we always pay particular attention to the question "what do you really do?" in addition to "what do you think you do?" and "what do you want to do?".

We use various techniques of moderation, process analysis and maturity assessment. Equipped with this tool box, we activate all involved parties to profit from their ideas and know-how and guide you through a step-to-step optimization or a complete process re-engineering.

In projects dealing with organisational change as well as software development or migration, processes play an important role. They may serve as input or be changed as the result of such projects. Our service range includes defining and implementing to-be processes, managing change and transition, engineering automated workflows and deriving functional and non-functional software requirements in a process-oriented way.