Management Systems

The purpose of a management system is a set of processes and procedures to define, pursue and control specific management goals. Management systems concentrate - for example - on quality, environment, safety, security, energy or risk. The latest revisions of common ISO norms such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 point towards the establishment of integrated management systems that combine aspects of different management systems - quality, risk etc. - in one process-oriented system.

An efficient and effective management system is based on existing mechanisms, structures and processes. These must be unified and put together in a well-organised, yet manageable structure fitting the organisational requirements and culture. Obviously, a small company with 20 employees has other requirements than a big corporation, and a knowledge-based services company must be managed differently from an industrial enterprise. That is why we offer consulting services with a strong focus on the situation and the requirements of each individual organisation to help you implement a customized management system.

A certified management system strengthens the confidence of customers and suppliers. We enjoy guiding you towards the successful certification of your management system, focusing on quality management systems according to ISO norm 9001.