Software partners

QonSolid is Consulting Partner of Signavio. The Signavio Process Editor allows the browser-based creation of business process and decision models and comes with an integrated process portal. The Process Editor combines a stunning simplicity with a thorough collaboration approach for modelers and subject matter experts.

We also cooperate with Intellior. The BPM suite Aeneis provides extensive functionalities for process management from definition to measuring. Any kind of knowledge can be stored, linked, structured and reused, making Aeneis also a good choice for process-oriented management systems.

With its BPM Inspire suite, INSPIRE Technologies GmbH offers a complete solution for process modeling and automation. As a partner of Inspire, we help implementing and introducing business processes in the form of IT-supported workflows.

Beyond these partnerships, we support a whole variety of tools for process modelling and management. Just let us know about your requirements so we can help you pick the optimal tool.


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